Village Water & Sewer Rates

Water and sewer rates were increased as of July 15, 2017. Operational costs as well as planning for necessary improvements to the Village water & sewer systems resulted in the need for rate increases. The current rates are as follows:

UsageWater RateSewer Rate
First 1,250 gallons (minumum)$36.09$57.72
Next 13,750 gallons (per thousand)5.984.52
Next 25,000 gallons (per thousand)6.926.54
Next 20,000 gallons (per thousand)7.437.02
Next 40,000 gallons (per thousand)7.957.52
Next 100,000 gallons (per thousand)8.468.00
Next ALL gallons (per thousand)8.988.00

Note: These rates are for properties within the Village only. Outside sewer users should contact the Town of Dryden for their specific rates.