Important Iformation Regarding Waste Disposal

You may not realize this but you are one of several homes that have a small grinder pump station that pumps sewage from your home into the main sewer system. Over the past couple years there have been many issues with these small pump stations that handle a single home.  Since these stations are so small they are very susceptible to a range of problems.

Please do not:Pour grease down your drains – Grease will build up in your station and render the pump inoperable.

Please do not put “flushable” wipes down the drain.  Flushable does not mean it is safe for the sewers.  All it means is that you can flush it.  They do a great deal of harm to your personal pump and other pumps in the collection systems.

Please do not throw any female products down the drain.  Again these cause a great many headaches and issues in the system.

Please understand that we are aware of who has these small pump stations and we know who may have issues with them.  We are asking that your refrain from doing the three things above to help maintain our system.  A new pumps costs over $1,500.  If we have to make numerous trips to your site and replace pumps we will have to charge for the repairs if we deem it is due to one of the three issues discussed above.

Thank you for your attention to this very important matter.