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The Municipal Parking Lot -on George St

Will be Closed for paving September 18th-23 weather permitting

Lime Bikes are here in the Village

Lime Bike in the Village of Dryden

Lime Bikes are here in the Village of Dryden

At the Board of Trustees meeting on August 16th, 2018 representatives from “Lime” bikes gave a short presentation about the benefits of installing “Lime” bikes around the Village. After some discussion it was unanimously agree that these bikes could benefit the community by providing affordable transportation. For most people using a “lime” bike is easy. All you need is a smart/ standard cell phone; download the app and a credit/debit card.  You do need to be at least 16 to ride and 18 to open a “lime” bike account. If you don’t have a credit/debit card you can purchase tickets from Bike Walk Tompkins. ( or call 607-301-3181) There is also a program called Lime Access for those participating in federally run assistance programs at discounted rates. These bikes will be distributed at different locations all around the Village. The bikes are equipped with GPS tracking which not only lets you know where a bike is from the app but also lets the company monitor where the bikes are. The company will redistribute the bikes daily or as needed so that they will be well distributed around the village. The bikes can provide a fun way to explore the village for those who don’t own a bike and for parents who have young children with bikes; they can rent a “lime” bike to ride with their children without the expense of purchasing a bike.  If you want more information you can read all about them online, call the company (888)546-3345, or The Village of Dryden.


Tompkins County is using SwiftReach’s mass notification system to alert county residents during public safety emergencies.  The Village of Dryden will use the system to send Village residents non-emergency notifications, such as water main information, road paving, road closures dues to accidents.  Landlines (home phones) are automatically uploaded, but if you would like to register your cell phones or email addresses for notifications, please contact the Village Clerk (, 844-8122) for a form to fill out and return.

Proposal by some Village of Dryden Residents to Allow Chickens in the Village

The Village of Freeville and the Village of Trumansburg have had their chicken laws for a number of years and have not experienced any complaints.  Bard Prentice, on behalf of those wanting chickens, has modified the Village of Freeville law for your consideration.   See the attachment below.

The Dryden Village Board is very interested in your thoughts regarding chickens in the Village; in mid-May you should receive a questionnaire and survey.  Please respond.

Village of Dryden Proposal for Keeping Fowl

Emergency siren notice

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