POLICE DEPARTMENTVillage of Dryden Police Badge

The Police Department has an officer on duty 24 hours per day. During the normal daily hours of operation you may call 844-8118 or 844-8119 to speak to a police officer or the police clerk.

The Chief of Police of the Dryden Police Department is Randy Mack.

Parking Regulations & Restrictions

New parking regulations went into effect during the spring of 2002. No parking signs have been placed in these areas including: James Street, Montgomery Street, Pleasant Street and Union Street. A complete list of no parking areas is published in the Laws of the Village of Dryden which are available for viewing at the Village Hall.

During the winter months, November 1 through April 30, there is NO PARKING permitted along any street or roadway in the Village between 2:00 A.M. and 7:00 A.M. Overnight off-street parking is available in the designated spots in the parking lot beside the Village Hall on South Street. Violators will be ticketed and in extreme circumstances the vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense. Please help the Department of Public Works by refraining from parking on the street during the winter.

Parental Responsibility Law

In an effort to reduce juvenile crime, protect children of this municipality and reinforce parental and guardian authority as well as ensure parental and guardian responsibility, the Village BOT felt it necessary to establish a responsibility for the acts of minors and their parents and legal guardians. It is unlawful for any minor while in public place to commit a predicate act. Predicate act includes trespass, harassment, disorderly conduct, unlawful possession of marijuana, loitering, possession and/or consumption of alcohol and appearance in a public place under the influence of narcotics or drugs other than alcohol. It is also unlawful for any parent or legal guardian of a minor to knowingly consent or permit or provide the minor with the opportunity to commit a predicate act. A copy of the Local Law is published in the Laws of the Village of Dryden, which are available for viewing the Village Hall.

House Watch

With the approaching holidays, the Police Department realizes many people will be traveling and reminds you to call our Administrative Offices during regular business hours to have your home placed on our House Watch list. During times of extended absences, the police department will make periodic checks of your property to make sure everything is okay. It only takes a couple of minutes to provide the police with the necessary information and could save you from heartache upon your return.

Unlicensed Vehicles

Residents are reminded that NO unregistered, unlicensed vehicles are to be stored outside on their property.

Dog Problems

Residents are reminded that all dogs are required to be licensed and are not permitted to roam freely through the Village. Dog Licenses can be purchased at the Town of Dryden Clerk’s Office, 93 East Main Street. The telephone number is 844-8888.